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a colection of published works by deirdres

Surprisingly, Deirdres are well represented in the literary world. Romance novels, spiritual works, cookbooks and children's books are just a few of the topics into which a Deirdre has delved.

Where possible, I have linked to either the author's own site or a biography of the writer. I have not linked to any of the multitude of sites that offer these works for sale. I have not read most of these books but enjoy trying to locate information regarding the many published works by Deirdres as I can find.

Deirdre Cornell

Deirdre Davis

Deirdre Guion

Deirdre Langeland

Deirdre Le Faye

Deirdre Madden

Deirdre Purcell

Deirdre Reilly

Deirdre Royster

Deirdre Stanforth



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